Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Cute (.PDF)

cute (thumbscrews press, 2011) is now available to download as a .pdf for $1

paypal jordancastroisthepresident[at]gmail[dot]com

click here for more information re cute


  1. I couldn't find my copy of Cute the other day while I was looking for it to give to a friend. If I paypal you the money from my email adress and include his email address could you just send it directly to him?

    Thank you

  2. @lostmycute, i just saw this comment, i don't have any copies of 'cute' left but if you paypal me [any amount of money] i'll send you .PDFs of 'cute,' 'kadian,' and 'think tank for human beings in general'

    thank you,


    - jordan