Monday, December 12, 2011


ANIMAL SOUNDS 2, a 16-song mixtape, is now available to listen to/download for free here

it is the second mixtape in the ANIMAL SOUNDS series

cover art by tao lin

features lyrics by/collaborations with mallory whitten, noah cicero, bebe zeva, james roehl, and fernando pessoa

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  1. the animal sounds mixtapes are collections of 'shitty ass' songs i record on garageband

    some friends and i have ~9 rap songs recorded (original production, professional recording quality) for an album we're hoping to release in the next couple months

    we're also shooting a video in a couple weeks which should be online sometime in late january

    'all in good time my friend'

  2. I really like these songs.

    Very emotional and real sounding - good job.

  3. anonybro, thank you, i'm glad you liked it

  4. are there any bands or artists that specifically influenced the mixtape as a whole or any songs specifically? i'm interested

  5. i don't think i actively thought of other bands while writing/recording songs for this mixtape, as they're 'simply' a collection of songs i wrote/recorded on garageband that i felt weren't [something] enough for the ohioans to use and that i wanted to have recorded so i could listen to them

    here are some songs from 'ANIMAL SOUNDS 2' that i think seem similar, musically and/or lyrically, to varying degrees, to other specific bands that i like...

    'good morning, midnight' - neva dinova
    'the cooking song' - the mountain goats
    'people with problems' - the lawrence arms
    'we try' - neva dinova

  6. weird that you're the same person who writes the things i read but makes this music that's actually sincere and good

  7. @'the ghost with the most,' i 'still' don't know what 'chill wave' is/means, going to read about it tonight, seems sweet

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