Sunday, June 5, 2011

James Franco

'muumuu house' published a story by me titled 'james franco'


  1. hi jordan. just wonderin - why did you choose chicken on those occasions? did u change ur views re previously thinking it is wrong to eat animals/animal products? understandable that you may not like the "i am a vegan" label but that doesn't explain why u ate the chickens. thanks

  2. @anonymous, i think i ate chicken, in those specific instances, for different reasons, in terms of different things, of the times i ordered a [black bean and rice thing] but it didn't as opposed to doing certain, other things - using gas, more money, time, [other things] to go somewhere to buy something 'vegan' - i ate someone's 'chicken quesadilla' thing that they didn't want

    another time someone ordered pizza and salad for everyone to eat, and i ate a salad, then, due to 'still feeling hungry' and 'chicken [something] pizza' seeming like 'the best' option in terms of taste, 'how i projected myself feeling after, in terms of my ability to "keep going" and not "fall asleep,"' and other things, i ate a piece of that...

    another time i asked bebe to choose what to order for me and she chose chicken

    another time i was 'really hungry' and, as opposed to eating certain things [carbs, other things, produced a certain way, or something], i ate 'chicken parmesan'

    other things like that...i don't know...

    i don't think i feel able to view eating chicken as inherently 'wrong'...but do feel able to view it as '[wrong/right/good/bad]' in terms of specific contexts and goals

    certain things effect certain things in a certain way, and all things effect everything else, i think, from a certain perspective, and i think i feel confused about how to 'really know' what effects what in a manner that would enable me to make decisions based on that 'knowledge.' i think i am trying to...[something like 'learn things' a different way...or something...maybe...i don't know...i don't know what i'm doing]...but if i like, view 'being vegan' as something 'good,' in terms of a certain context/goal in future, i would do that, or something...

    if you have more specific questions i think i would maybe be able to answer them 'more "adequately"' than this one, thank you

    @tao, lol

  3. thanks jordan i appreciate the long and thoughtful response. i feel like my curiosity has been satisfied

  4. @anonymous, you're welcome bro, sweet

  5. here i am. watching this video. commenting after tao lin.

  6. I really like this - Your writing is starting to take on it's own voice. This story and your last one, the Asian girl one, both have almost a zen-like quality to them that makes them unique to you, I think. It's like meditative or something. Good job.

  7. jordan, i don't feel satisfied with your answer to the chicken question.

  8. @anonymous, thank you

    @sam, fuck you

  9. chill video

    kind of avant garde making a trailer for a story haha